Faculty Perspective

My name is Robert Farley, and I’m an assistant professor at the Patterson School, specializing in National Security and Intelligence.  I’ll be contributing to this blog from a faculty perspective.  Obviously, we’re very excited to embark on the trial, which I like to think of as an exploration of the utility of the iPad in a professional policy school setting.  I’m looking to answer several questions in this trial:

  1. Does the iPad significantly enhance my productivity, and the productivity of the students?
  2. Is the iPad uniquely useful in the classroom, or in the associated extra-curricular activities of the Patterson School?
  3. How does the iPad affect the classroom setting itself?  Does it help tear down the wall between student and instructor that the laptop has created?

My blogging here will be geared to answering those questions.  As I’m teaching two courses this semester (Defense Statecraft and Counter-Insurgency), and running our Spring Policy Simulation, there should be ample opportunity for investigation.  

- Dr. Robert Farley

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